"In Dana's book, she spells out the "answer for families:" the Enthronement.  Just like the woman at the well, she encountered Jesus, and is now telling everyone about Him.  St. John Paul II tells us, "When we have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus, we can transform history."

This book is so timely for the time we live in.  It is a book I would put in the hands and hearts of my family members, friends and those struggling, looking for love.  Dana tells her story - you have a story.  Read the book, and let the love of Jesus transform you and your loved ones.  Dana is inviting you and me to advance the kingdom of love.  Pick up the book, and let Him begin."

 Gloria Anson, President of the Sacred Heart Apostolate, Inc.

a global movement for creating a civilization of love through the Enthronement


"Your book stands out from every thing I have read primarily because you have allowed the reader to come into your home, your life.   I must say your witness and testimony makes all the difference between reading about how to enthrone and wanting to enthrone your home!  Your research is obvious but you have woven it in to your family’s life in such a way that I never grew weary of wanting to read more (as I have with other Home Enthronement books) so I really appreciated that aspect!"

 David Fetzer, Knights of Columbus, Iowa City


"Dana Doyle is a wife, mother, and a seventh grade teacher at a Catholic school. Together with many blessings, she also endured some very painful experiences as well as the trials and tribulations that are part of our human existence. Blessed with strong faith, she looked for something that would anchor that faith in the midst of the spiritual and family storms that threatened to overpower her. She found this anchor in the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in her home as Dana, her husband and children welcomed Jesus as King and friend of the family. In The Answer for Families Dana is careful to point out that making Jesus the King and friend of the family does not mean that the family no longer experiences the difficulties and dangers that threaten families today. This covenant that the family members make to recommit their lives to the Lord, however, makes them very much aware that they are not alone. Jesus walks with them on their pilgrim journey to shoulder their burdens and lighten their cares. The Answer For Families is written by a wife, mother  and religion teacher of teens who has a wide experience of the difficulties encountered by Christian families today. She knows the difficulties that parents face as they struggle to maintain their faith commitment and instill that faith in the lives of their children. She found the answer, through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and the advice and counsel of a trusted friend, in the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in her home. I am sure that her prayer is that the sharing of her faith journey will lead many others to find rest and peace in the heart of Jesus."

Father Columban Crotty, SSCC


Dana Doyle’s book “The Answer for Families” is a great gift for ALL FAMILIES!
I am a Coordinator of the Sacred Heart Apostolate for St. Rita parish in Harahan, LA. I met Dana through the Sacred Heart Apostolate and was asked by her to proofread her book…Praise God! It is such an amazing book compact with stories of conversions through the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Invite Jesus to be King of your home through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Please take time to read this book with inspiring stories and information on Enthronement of the Sacred Heart! Our world needs the SACRED HEART more now than ever! Thank you Dana for this book!

Melissa Maraist, 
Sacred Heart Apostolate Coordinator

St. Rita Parish, Harahan, Louisiana