I would love to fill this page with testimonials from those who have experienced a miracle, profound peace in the family, or other graces following enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Please write to me at doyle.dana@rocketmail.com with your stories, and I will post them.  Help me to encourage others to invite Jesus to be the King of their hearts and homes.  Let us spread the good news like wildfire!  God Bless!

“The enthronement of our home in February of 2002 has changed our family life… We were wandering sheep, who are now back in the herd with Jesus Christ.  Our kids are showing an early interest and love for Jesus and God.  I, myself, have stopped drinking alcohol and have lost fifty unwanted pounds…my wife and I are at peace.  Obviously, not every day do we stand tall.  We fall regularly, however, we know the Way, the Truth and the Life now – to stand back up and walk in the light.” (J.L.)

“Many blessings have flowed from the enthronement.  My step-father returned to the faith before his death, and my wayward brother received the sacraments shortly before he died.”  (B.C.)

 “During this powerful and devastating tornado (Albion, Pennsylvania area in 1985) many homes were destroyed in clusters.  Even though surrounding homes to the right and left were destroyed, not one home that had been enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Mary was touched.  Jesus, in a very real way, showed Himself to be Friend and Powerful Protector of those enthroned homes and families.”  (Msgr. J.C. )

"In my own family, I have seen a remarkable transformation.  My youngest was able to overcome his intense anger.  My husband has grown so much in his faith.  He now rises early in the morning to read the readings of the day and to say his prayers.  My other children have grown so much closer to the Lord.  The graces from this family consecration have given us the strength to get through some very difficult times.  Formally inviting Jesus to reign over our hearts and our home has been the best decision we've ever made!"  (Dana Doyle)